Focus on the business instead of getting technology to work.

Audio-Visual Systems That Just Work

Audio-Visual Systems That Just Work For Your Business

Our business markets include corporate, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, government, and houses of worship. Running a straightforward, professional video conference has never been easier with a single, easy-to-use interface and features such as automation, scheduling, remote management, and anti-theft monitoring.


Focus on Business, Not Technology

From small conference rooms to executive boardrooms, Drop-In A/V® makes running meetings more effortless than ever before. Experience advanced room automation, crystal-clear audio, and video conferencing with Drop-In A/V®’s revolutionary ShareView technology. Convenient in-table connections allow effortless presentation from your laptop, while lightning-fast switching and easy-to-use controls ensure that your meetings start on time and run smoothly, every time.

No technology has become essential for modern business and education than streaming, sharing, and recording content remotely. Our distance collaboration solutions enable you to reach a global audience with industry-leading cameras, user-friendly controls, and compatibility with any video conferencing software. 

Collaboration Solutions

With our collaboration solutions, everyone’s a presenter. Our systems—featuring stunning resolution, effortless control, and unmatched functionality boost productivity and reduce technology-induced delays, allowing our customers to focus on what’s important. Up to four users can share their content simultaneously, allowing enhanced group productivity and real-time peer review. With unparalleled reliability in an easy-to-install, fully-integrated package, Drop-In A/V® collaboration gives your teams the boost they need to become extraordinary.


Drop-In A/V®’s Design Services

Drop-In A/V® standard systems provide state-of-the-art solutions that satisfy most of our customer’s requirements. We offer detailed and responsive design services to ensure that every room is optimized and functional for particular use cases, unique installations, or unusual layouts. Drop-In A/V® specialty solutions are sophisticated, custom systems, built-to-order under a single part number and price. Our experienced U.S.-based engineering team can produce a full-integrated solution for rooms of any size and complexity.Some specialty systems Drop-In A/V® designed include:● Huddle Rooms with live occupancy monitoring● Multipurpose Rooms with Removable/Mobile Podium● Executive Conference Rooms and Corporate Boardrooms● Large-scale Conference Centers● Military Training Sites and Emergency Operating Centers (EOCs)● City Council Chambers● Houses of Worship

No More Surprises 

Avoid surprises from unreliable AV Systems that are complicated and hard to use. Drop-In A/V® offers integrated, tested, and remotely managed systems with a simple, learn in minutes, control interface that lets anyone walk up and use the system. Enjoy less stress due to increased reliability and fewer support calls.

Easy to Maintain and Easy to Support 


Drop-In A/V® Systems are built, programmed, and tested at every stage of production in our U.S.-based factory. We provide complimentary tools and technical training for support staff to understand, manage, and support their in-house AV systems. You have ready access to system information and status, making the system easy to maintain and support.

Drop-In A/V® That Just Works

Install AV System in a room in hours, not days. Drop-In A/V® gives you full ownership and control of your system's capabilities along with reduced operating and support costs through the included software automation and remote management capabilities. You can stop responding to calls from your staff who are frustrated and unproductive and experience Drop-In A/V® that just works.

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3 Steps to Stable and Easy to Maintain AV Systems

  • 1. Explore

    Schedule a call and we will evaluate your situation during a free consultation meeting and identify improvement opportunities. Then we discuss a recommended approach to provide a stable and easy-to-maintain AV system that saves money, time and is easy to use by everyone.

  • 2. Implement

    We implement a tailored plan to deploy Drop-In A/V® systems that address your situation, are aligned with your needs and deliver an AV solution that is predictable, reliable, and easy-to-use and maintain. 

  • 3. Enjoy AV That Works

    We provide complimentary tools and technical training for support staff so they can understand, manage, and support your AV assets. A simple, learn in minutes control interface lets anyone walk up and use the system.


What is a Drop-In?

Drop-In A/V® solutions are effective “room solutions in a box” that alleviate all the usual problems that stem from operating and maintaining A/V-managed rooms. With personalized user interfaces that don’t require custom software and customer-specific cable sets, Drop-Ins are rapidly deployable, intuitive to use, and supported for life by Drop-In A/V® remote management.

Advantages of Drop-Ins

● Ready-to-use systems, with easy installation and no custom programming● Fingertip control fingertips with intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces● Advanced features such as automation, enterprise management, and anti-theft protection● Fully customizable to fit any room size, industry, or use case● Peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee on programming and remote support

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Delighting Businesses With Drop-In A/V® That Just Works

...allows us to offer our clients forward-thinking, easy to operate, and customizable AV solutions...

"We were looking for ways to provide increased value for our office interior customers. Drop-In A/V® allows us to break the traditional mold and offer our clients forward-thinking, easy to operate, and customizable AV solutions that don’t come with costly extended agreements. Our customers have turnkey solutions that include furniture, fixtures, and AV collaboration technology."

John Trump

Director of Technology, CORE Office Interiors

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