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What is Drop-In A/V®?And What Makes Drop-In A/V® Better Than Other Systems?

Drop-In A/V® is the answer to unreliable, hard to support, and challenging to use AV systems.

Today’s Audio-Visual (AV) technology is fantastic but can be complicated to operate and is pieced together from components installed and tested onsite at the customer’s facility. We invented a patented Drop-In A/V® System (U.S. Patent No. 10,609,326 B2) to address these problems and provide complementary tools and a team of experts to train support staff so they can understand, manage, and support their in-house AV systems.

The Drop-In A/V® Difference

All Drop-In A/V® Systems are built to our customer’s specifications, programmed, and tested at every production stage in our Texas-based factory. Once installed, Drop-In A/V® is ready to operate and integrate seamlessly with your network and AV management system.
Our technology is cost-effective – delivering precisely what our customers need with flexible templates repeatable across rooms, buildings, or campuses – reliable because they are factory-built by Drop-In A/V®. Our U.S.-based engineers develop and test all Drop-In A/V® software and provide the technical support.
Drop-In A/V® delivers systems as a complete and integrated unit ready to install and operate onsite. Managed Drop-In A/V® Systems are always up-to-date and continually monitor usage for maintenance and reporting. 
Audio-Visual Systems That Just Work for Everyone.


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We have college-wide AV systems that just work...

As one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the nation, Lone Star College (LSC) relies on innovative technology companies to meet the needs of its 99,000 students across six campus locations. "We needed all classrooms outfitted with AV systems with a simple control interface so anyone can walk up and use the system and instructors can focus on what they do best, teaching.” ~ Butch Juelg, Associate Vice Chancellor, Technology Service.
With over 22,000 square feet of meeting space that staff can arrange in various configurations with Drop-In A/V® Systems, the LSC-University Park Conference Center has a simplified AV set-up with factory-preprogrammed touch screens providing a push-button solution.
“Drop-In A/V® allowed us to standardize our classroom AV technology across multiple campuses. Now we have college-wide A/V systems that just work and are easy to maintain and support."

3 Steps to Stable and Easy to Maintain AV Systems

  • 1. Explore

    Schedule a call and we will evaluate your situation during a free consultation meeting and identify improvement opportunities. Then we discuss a recommended approach to provide a stable and easy-to-maintain AV system that saves money, time and is easy to use by everyone.

  • 2. Implement

    We implement a tailored plan to deploy Drop-In A/V® systems that address your situation, are aligned with your needs and deliver an AV solution that is predictable, reliable, and easy-to-use and maintain. 

  • 3. Enjoy AV That Works

    We provide complimentary tools and technical training for support staff so they can understand, manage, and support your AV assets. A simple, learn in minutes control interface lets anyone walk up and use the system making it volunteer-ready.

About Drop-In A/V®

At Drop-in A/V®, we believe in providing reliable, managed, and easy to use Drop-In A/V® Systems. We aspire to demystify the Professional AV industry for our customers by showing them how complete, factory-built, pre-programmed AV solutions are robust, flexible, and cost-effective for collaboration, teaching and training in education and corporate and civic settings.
We created Drop-In A/V® to address the AV needs of our customers with an integrated, tested, and remotely managed Drop-in AV system that is reliable and reduces costs so their staff can focus on the business instead of getting technology to work.

Making a Difference For Our Customers

    Over 4,000 Drop-In A/V® Systems Delivered and Counting
    Over 100+ Years Combined Experience in Technology, Video Communication and AV Systems
    Drop-In A/V® Operating in Over 2,000 classrooms - Some Operational For Over 10 years

Meet The Drop-In A/V® Team

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Jim Reinhart


With over 30+ years experience in growing solutions-based technology businesses, Jim brings sound operations and marketing discipline to Drop-In A/V®. Jim was CEO and co-founder of Luminary Micro which was later acquired by Texas Instruments. Jim’s experience includes tenure with multiple technology companies including Texas Instruments.

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Mike Slattery

Founder & CTO

A noted expert on audio and A/V control systems, Mike is the inventor of TekPatrol and has 30+ years of experience in video communications, control and A/V systems at DataPoint, Vidicom, Rane, and Drop-In A/V.

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Joshua Joseph

Vice President of Sales

For the past seven years Joshua served as an Account Executive and Ed-Tech Solution Consultant at TROX, where he empowered Greater Houston area school districts and educators to use technology to improve the learning landscape.

How to Avoid a Costly AV Upgrade

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